Alan R. Marlowe | About

Alan R. Marlowe is a Mechanical Engineer based in San Diego, CA. He graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a major in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in propulsion and a minor in business.  Alan takes time to pursue his passion for photography during his downtime.
Alan started shooting with film early in his childhood when his father handed him an old Nikon F body. In 2007, Alan started shooting with a DSLR, another Nikon, the D40X. His passion really didn't take off until he went to college and sold the D40X and bought his next camera, the D5100.  After 3 years using the D5100, he made the jump to full frame.  Alan's primary camera is now the Nikon D750.  Alan has now started to take portraits, something he traditionally hasn't been comfortable with.  He loves to take to the air and take landscape photos from a perspective most people have never seen.  When he's not in the air, he is always looking up, to airplanes and to the stars.  Each photo on this site is a moment frozen in time as seen through Alan Marlowe's eyes.

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